We take a lot of pride in our shellfish.

You can taste why. Most people that indulge on our shellfish say it is the best that they have ever had. Because we strive to deliver that experience for every customer, we do things differently.

We harvest and sort everything using old world methods to be able to offer the finest hand-selected product. We also offer same day delivery from beach to destination so our products still have the upmost ocean freshness.

We sell our oysters and manila clams to wholesalers, restaurants and retail markets both locally and nationally. Product can be shipped, delivered or picked up at our processing plant.

We also buy wholesale from local growers or harvesters. If you are looking to sell wholesale shellfish, please contact us via the contact page.

For all orders and other inquires, please contact us by phone or email from our contact page.

Our Oysters

Dabob Bay Orca Cove Oysters

Whitecap-whipped Dabob Bay forms the hood in Hood Canal’s cobra shape. Hundreds of feet deep, surrounded by steep, dark, unbroken evergreen forest, it grows good oysters. (Rowan Jacobson, The Oyster Guide)

We offer our wild crafted Dabob Bay Orca Cove Oysters year round. Completely wild grown, their flavor is influenced by their unique surroundings. The high salinity of Dabob Bay is perfectly balanced by the fresh water estuary unique only to our tidelands in Zelatched Point. The estuary in combination with the tidal shelf results in a shallow nutrient rich cove where the oysters thrive- requiring no seeding or manipulation of nature's methods. This results in a very special oyster-Crisp and briny with a sweet finish. If you are seeking a Dabob Oyster- be sure to ask for Orca Cove. They are the delight of oyster lovers worldwide.

Available in sizes extra small (2"-3"), small (3"-4") and medium (4"+).

Puget Sound & Hood Canal Varieties

We also offer variable varieties of Pacific Oysters from around the Puget Sound and Hood Canal. Different growing areas have unique tastes depending on the salinity, nutrient availability and growing conditions. Reach out to us to see what varieties we currently have available.

Available in sizes extra small (2"-3"), small (3"-4"), medium (4"-5"), large (5"-6") and jumbo (6"+).

Our Clams

Manila Clams

Although not a Washington native clam, manilas thrive in the intertidal zones of the Puget Sound and Hood Canal. Sweet, plump and tender- they are the seafood lover's delight. With their vibrant stripes and beautiful shells- they are an edible art that bring joy to any dinner table. Harvested daily and purged in salt water- our clams are free of sand and ready to be steamed, sautéed or thrown in any dish.

Available in sizes petite through large.